Floating buttons for mobile web and applications

New advertising format. Additional layer on top of the page.
Easy to move with a thumb. Unfold into the full screen with one click.

How it works

you need to add some important and useful stuff for your mobile app or website. For instance surveys or ads, or another cool banner.

Setting up a goal for designers and coders. Waiting for months, searching for bugs, fixing them, waiting for another month. Repeat.

Floating button

Build in button's SDK into an app and update in once. You can switch the button on/off whenever you need, setting up certain time or other conditions. As simple as that!

Demo app

You would reasonably want to see it in action. Now you can do it by using a demo app. We show you three most popular scenarios with the highest demand - survey button, e-shop button and pure AD button. You can change the logo, design, the website and the content of the button.✌

Millions of hits per month on the largest sites on the Internet.

All about floating buttons:


A new way of interaction between a user and their device that let them add new features without changing the design and the code of an app.


You build in the button code once. Then you can change a design and the content via our user-friendly administration platform.


Our customers are surprised with the button’s metrics that are a lot more interesting than traditional mobile ads.


It is less costly and less time consuming to add new functions while using floating buttons.

Compatible to any platform

Floating button is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web and Mobile Web.

Control and analytics

You can collect usage data and set up different targets and parameters.

Great apps that use the button Join
Guide to new content in iTunes. Click to download in iTunes
The floating button is used for polls about new features and gather feedback
Harper's Bazaar is the fashion resource for women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture.
The shop built into the mobile website
World leader in the manufacture of electronics
Floating phone attracts attention
Famous burgers all around the world
Lead generation inside floating buttons
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