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Profit Button – Floating button for your app

Profit Button is an interactive element which provides an easy way to add a floating button above the application design. It can be used to display any mobile site, feedback form or survey in a pop-up window.

Why do you need surveys? After the first release of an application most of the developers don’t have answers to the following questions: what most users want, what they are willing to pay for and whether they need future functionality.

Mobile polls in applications will help to solve this problem! You can perform a research to improve your applications. Now it is posible to add a survey using the Profit Button without changes in design and with minimal changes to application code.

How much does Profit Button cost? Use the Profit Button absolutely free! We will be glad to offer you an affiliate marketing and broadcast advertising via floating button when you complete your survey. Profit Button gives you a tool for additional monetization of your app!

Create your own widgets

Thanks to existing tools, you can easily add new widgets to your site or an app: survey, feedback, e-market.

But sometimes this is not enough.

Using Custom URL tool you can add your own widgets to your app or website. Any mobile site can be your widget – surveys at Surveymonkey, Wufoo forms, Wiki Documentation, Google map. Your imagination is the only limit!

Add online shops with no effort

No longer need to pay thousands of dollars to developers or modify code and design to add e-shop to your app.

With Ecwid widget and Profit Button SDK you can add e-market that operates payment gateway PayPal.

Up to 10 products will cost your widget $0.

How to use Profit Button for Advertising

Built in Stanford

This project is a final work of
Stanford “Startup Engineering” course by Balaji S. Srinivasan
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Customize it

Powerful admin interface to manage your surveys. Get shortlinks, QR-codes and select design that fits your application the best.

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Easy to install

Painless installation and usage.

Just create a survey, download Profit Button SDK and follow the instructions.

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You can start right now, free of charge. If you want additional features and extended analytics contact us for the details.

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